What equipment unblocks drains?

Drain unblocking equipment

Blocks and Bursts uses the most up to date equipment including a compact, portable state-of-the-art rigid drain clearing machine, which is capable of shifting the toughest of blockages with a minimum amount of mess and fuss. Sometimes referred to as a ‘snake’ or ‘eel’ the rigid system operates from normal 240 volt power and it is designed to cut through the toughest of roots.

CCTV equipment allows us to pinpoint the precise location of the blockage. Rigid CCTV equipment can produce a visual report with operator voice overs that can be emailed or saved to disc. These reports are invaluable when negotiating with water authorities, neighbours or landlords.

Rigid CCTV can also be used for preventative maintenance checks, pre-purchase reports and quotes. Depending on the job at hand Blocks and Bursts will select the right CCTV equipment option to use.