How do blocked drains happen?

Blocked drain pipe

Blocks and Bursts is your go to provider for all your general plumbing maintenance needs. We clear blocked drains including sewer and storm water systems, blocked toilets, clearing organic matter, debris and root systems. We use the latest CCTV cameras to conduct our drain inspections so that we are able to ensure that only the necessary services are engaged.

How do blocked drains and toilets occur?

Blocked drains and blocked toilets can be caused by a range of issues including tree roots, and sometimes toilet paper. These blockages can be addressed through the usage of a sewer machine and water jetting. If the blockage is more severe, for example, if it is caused by a tree root or collapsed pipes the use of C.C.T.V equipment may be required.

How do blocked storm water drains occur?

Storm water drains are the pipes which link to the pipes from your houses roof and also sumps in your garden. These pipes discharge water to the street. Similar to regular drains and toilets, storm water drains can become blocked due to tree roots, dirt and silt in the pipes.

How do blocks and bursts unblock drains?

Blocks and Bursts are equipped with top of the range camera inspection equipment which we use to determine the nature of your blocked system. By utilising this equipment we have ensured, on multiple occasions, that, clients were not required to participate in costly excavation.

Our focus is on keeping your costs low and our service high.