Burst Hot Water Systems ?

A good indicator of a burst hot water system is either a lack of pressure or temperature coming from the tap. Inspecting the hot water service may also reveal wetness around the base and/or an audible hissing sound

If you suddenly find yourself with no hot water, a range of underlying problems may be to blame, ranging from minor part failures to burst cylinders. We can generally identify your problem while you are on the phone describing what you can observe. Replacement and/or repairs can be done the same day.

If you think your unit may have burst, turn off the water supply and gas at the unit itself, this will leave you with a cold water supply to the rest of the house until help arrives. If your unit is electric turn off your main hot water switch located in the fuse box. Our friendly team can help you through this process over the phone.

Minor problems can also cause the loss of hot water which only a trained professional will be able to identify. Blocks and Bursts have over 30 years’ experience and are well equipped to cater to your plumbing needs.