Blocked drains ?

Blocked drains are usually caused by one of three things - a broken pipe, tree roots or a foreign object in the system. The most common cause is tree roots. The good news is that we have the best equipment available and can clear and repair all blockages quickly and efficiently.

Signs of a blocked drain are slow draining basins, sinks and showers. A gurgling sound can sometimes be heard and in some cases a foul smell is present. Act on these indicators swiftly because if ignored and the situation worsens sewage can appear in places you definitely don’t want it to, such as showers and floor wastes, and toilets can overflow.

Supermarket type remedies occasionally work if a blockage is located in an S bend attached to the sink and basin. But when the blockage is underground these remedies are ineffective.

Your house drain will be connected to the local authority’s sewerage mains system and depending on where the blockage is located (determined by our state-of-the-art CCTV camera) sharing the cost of the repair is sometimes possible. We will pinpoint the location of the problem and advise you accordingly.